Mental Capacity Act E-book Resource

March 24, 2016

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005 is an important piece of legislation to empower individuals to make decisions wherever possible and protects individuals who  lack capacity, by providing  a framework that places individuals at the centre of decision making. The learning resource has been developed by the pan Lancashire MCA practice group, a multiagency group with health and social care colleagues from commissioning and provider organisations.

To view the Mental Capacity Act E-book resource, please click on the link below:

Mental Capacity Act E-book Resource

The video link below will take you to a learning resource to support and develop increased understanding of the MCA. The resource comprises of the video illustrates the key elements of the MCA 2005, with a number of scenarios giving practical demonstrations of what this means, using professional actors.  The e-book will provide additional information and links to helpful resources. Please click on the link to view the video:

Mental Capacity Act – Video